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Panel Beating Shop Floor - Polymers Waterproofing Supplies

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Flooring application
  • Location:Balito Santorini
  • Surface Area:200 m2
  • Year Completed:2017
  • Value:$550.000
  • Architect:Harri & Gary

Panel Beating Shop Floor

New concrete screed was tested to be 26mPA, a light grind was done on the surface to clean off any cement laitance and imperfections.

Project Challenge

  • Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour
  • Family that’s the way we all became the brady
  • The powerless in a world of criminals operate
  • Till the one day when the lady met this fellow
  • Champion the cause of the innocent career
  • Now were up in the big leagues getting’ turn

What We Did

The joints were treated with Hyperdseal Expert 150 and the openings of the floor taped up to make even lines.

Then Aquasmart DUR was applied for the primer coat at .2kg/m2. The next day the first coat of Hyperfloor 2K was applied. 1.4kg/mm thickness is required.

Second coat of Hyperfloor 2K was applied 24 hours later. Then the ADY2K has been applied as an aliphatic topcoat with traffic resistance.


The whole system has a 10 year guarantee.

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